Special Programs

Departments and Services:


• Microfinance:

-Micro Enterprise.
-Loan for Enterprise Advancement and Development.
-Agro based Development Project.

• Food Security and Livelihood:

-Agriculture Project.
-NEDO Fisheries Project
-Business Skill, Gender Awareness and shop maintenance of women.
– Land and Land Development.

• Human Rights and Women Development:

-Human Rights and Gender
-Programme on Human Trafficking.
-Law and Litigation.

• Health and Nutrition:

-Primary Health Care.
– Awareness Development.
-Feeding Programme.

• Climate change, Disaster preparedness and Environment:

-Social forestry.
-Tree Plantation Project.
-Integrated Pest Management.
– Nursery.
– Campaigning for Environment.

• Human Resource Development.

-Livelihood Skill Training Programme.

• Support Service:

-Executive Secretariat.
-Planning, Research and Publication.
-Human Resource Management and Administration.
-Audit, Evaluation and Monitoring.

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